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Escape Pod Cooler. Spring Sale.

Escape Pod Cooler.

Escape Pod Cooler. Large.

Watch the Escape Pod Product Video and the Size Comparison Video. If you need to know more, please read on. Detailed info is available on our website. If you are just here to buy, the "Add To Cart" buttons are at the bottom of this page. All transactions are processed by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to checkout.

Escape Pod Product Video.

Escape Pod Size Comparison

Escape Pod Cooler was introduced in June, 2013. It was an instant success. Escape Pod is an ultralight, packable, dry cooler. Escape Pod can be used in a variety of ways. Escape Pod can be used to carry frozen items in for a first night dinner. (WARNING! You may need to thaw them upon arrival in camp. Escape Pod works really well.) It can be used to carry beers down to the fishin’ hole. It can be used as a front seat, road trip cooler. It can be used for the long hot walk into the campground at Havasu Falls, on the Havasupai Reservation(pronounced Have uh sue pie). One night, outside Canyonlands National Park, I used an Escape Pod to mark a turnout to a camp spot. I had friends arriving late night. I added a little weight to the Escape Pod and set it out at the turn. The headlights from the arriving car lit it up like a neon sign. Successful late night rendezvous. The uses are endless. It is lightweight, flexible, and might be the most efficient coolers available at 2.4 Oz (small) and 3.4 oz (large).

Escape Pod reflects 96% of available light and heat. We have field-tested Escape Pod relentlessly. Specs can be found here. Watch the all day field test video.

Escape Pod All Day Field Test

Is it tough? Watch this video.

Escape Pod. Is It Tough?

The Escape Pod Coolers are 100% Handmade in Flagstaff, Arizona by Simple Outdoor Solutions. More info about Escape Pod and other products like Outsak, Animal Resistant Storage Bag, Adventure Seat, Escape Pouch and Canyon Strap can at

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Escape Pod Large and Small

For a limited time (Thru Tuesday, April 15th) we will offer Escape Pods at the following prices. The PayPal buttons are below. These items ship USPS First Class Mail. We usually ship really fast.

Escape Pod Small


Escape Pod Large

Escape Pod Large



More information on Escape Pod can be found on our website. The prices on the website do not reflect sale prices. A website sale will occur after we return from our Spring Trip.

Contact info can be found on our website
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Escape Pouch. Freeze Dried Meal Cozy and more.....

Escape Pouch Small and Large

Simple Outdoor Solutions is now making a cozy for re-hydrating freeze dried backpacking food. The cozy is called “Escape Pouch” as it looks a lot like its cousin “Escape Pod”.


How does it work?

Escape Pouch is a lightweight, insulated cozy that holds your Mountain House* freeze dried meals**. The Mountain House meal comes with directions on the pouch, follow them. After you have followed the Mountain House directions, place the sealed mountain house meal inside Escape Pouch and fold down the flap. Once the flap is down the heat is trapped. When you are ready to eat, fold the flap over to the hook and loop strip on the back and the flap becomes a handle which allows you to easily hold your pouch while eating. Escape Pouch’s outer layer if made of a plastic film which allows for easy cleanup if a spill occurs.

Why does it work?

Escape Pouch is made from Reflectix .  Reflectix is a lightweight, durable insulator.  Escape Pouch traps the heat from the boiling water inside the pouch. Trapping the heat allows your food to rehydrate faster and stay hot longer. Reflectix is made up of 2 layers of 5/16” enclosed air spaces and reflective metalized aluminum. Escape Pouch can also work as a small cooler. If you put cold items in it, it will keep them cold longer.

Can Escape Pouch lighten your pack?

Yup. On cold weather trips, you sometimes have to rehydrate your meals in a pot, which requires fuel. Re-hydrating on a stove requires a constant simmer, which means you have to keep your stove burning the whole time.  This is necessary because it is cold enough outside to cool the boiling water you typically pour into your Mountain House meal. Instead of re-hydrating in a pot you can tuck your Mountain House into the Escape Pouch. Each Escape Pouch weighs a little over an ounce.  

Are there different sizes?

Yup, Escape Pouch Small and Large. Escape Pouch small fits the Mountain House Pro Paks and breakfasts. Escape Pouch large fits Entrees and Wraps.

Escape Pouch is quite versatile.  Escape Pouch large can keep a couple 12 oz cans (large) cold until you get to camp. Escape Pouch can add life to any perishable items. If you need something bigger, try our Escape Pod Dry Coolers.

Where do I buy an Escape Pouch?

Escape Pouch Reviews

This is what those who did buy have had to say.

"Mine arrived in great shape, both sizes. In case anyone is wondering, the small
Escape Pouch fits neatly in the large one! The pouches are very well made, and will, I'm sure, work just fine. The little touches, like the fold-over lid that doubles as a handle, are more than worth the slight extra weight. Thanks for your creative efforts on our behalf!"

"I ordered one of each size, and they arrived within a few days. Speedy service and turnaround! These are made very well, like all of the S.O.S. products. Dave puts a lot of attention into detail, and it shows. There will be all kinds of uses for these sweet cozies. Thanks for the great BPL price and service, Dave!"

"Received my small yesterday, and it is one nice piece of kit! Quart size bags fit absolutely perfectly which was important. I really liked the details like sewn edges instead of reflectix tape, velcro closure, etc. Definitely a step above my old cobbled together cozy, and a hell of a deal considering the amount of thought and work that goes in to your pouches, nicely done."

"Great job on these little bad boys---the craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing. Can't say enough about them---can't wait to put my dinner and er uh beverages of choice in them."

More Reviews Here

Escape Pouch Small
Weight: 1.1 OZ
7"w x 7 1/2"h (outside)
6 7/8"w x 7"h  (pocket)
Will Hold
Mountain House Pro Paks
Mountain House Breakfast (not wrap)
Escape Pouch Small.
Escape Pouch Small


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Adventure Seat. Durable and Insulated Hiking Sit Pad.

The Adventure Seat is a lightweight, durable, insulated, reflective, trail side sitting pad.  The Adventure Seat is made by Simple Outdoor Solutions in Flagstaff, Arizona. The Adventure Seat was made to handle the harsh environment of the desert southwest. Canyon Country. Red Rocky Country. Cactus Country.

Inflatable items can be a hassle in Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, Escalante and other southwest backpacking destinations. The Adventure Seat is lighter than most inflatable seats and also more durable. There is no need to carry a repair kit when using an Adventure Seat. Adventure Seat will not pop due to sharp rocks or cactus needles/detritus. 

The Adventure Seat's core is polyethylene closed cell foam. The foam is lightweight, dense and flexible. It acts as a radiant heat barrier. It helps keep your heat in your seat. The Adventure Seat prevents cold surfaces from stealing your body heat. The foam pad provides comfort as well, it is thick enough to provide a comfortable seat, yet thin enough to slide inside your backpack.

Adventure Seat makes picnic table benches more comfortable.

The Adventure Seat also works well as a knee pad and standing pad. Backpacking tents often times have very low openings. This requires squatting or kneeling. Adventure Seat can also be handy when kneeling while cooking, packing or pounding in tent stakes.

Adventure Seat being used as a knee pad at Indian Gardens Campground, Grand Canyon National Park.

The Adventure Seat is durable.

Adventure Seat turns this rough rock into a comfortable break spot. Grand Canyon National Park.

The desert southwest is lacking soft surfaces. Almost every plant has thorns and the rocks… well…they are hard as rocks. The Adventure Seat has a shell made from tough Cordura® Nylon. Cordura* can handle the abrasive nature of rock surfaces. The Cordura® Nylon we use also has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Coating which helps it repel moisture and allows the seat to also work as a vapor barrier.

The Adventure Seat Insulates.

The Adventure Seat keeps your seat comfortable as it provides a barrier between you and the cold or hot surface you may have to sit on while backpacking, rafting, paddling or hiking the southwest. Your body burns calories to keep warm. Insulating yourself from the cold saves calories, which allows you to maintain your body temperature longer.

The following video demonstrates how Adventure Seat can turn a cold rock into a comfortable seat.

The Adventure Seat is Reflective. 

We put a reflector on the corner of the seat. A quick scan of with your light will easily locate your seat at night.

The Adventure Seat has many uses. It can be used as a sit pad, knee pad, standing pad and more. We made these because inflatable seats don’t stand up to the harsh/sharp environment of the desert southwest.

Adventure Seat is available in 5 colors and 4 sizes from Simple Outdoor Solutions.

*CORDURA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Escape Pod Cooler. Timelapse Temperature Test

Escape Pod is an ultra-lightweight, packable cooler. What does that mean? It means it is light enough to stuff in your backpack, kayak, canoe, pannier, saddle bag and more. Understand?

We needed to test Escape Pod against some other commercial coolers just to show how efficient a 3.4 oz Reflectix cooler can be in full sun.

For this test we placed 3 coolers and 1 air temperature probe in full sun, all day.

The coolers are your standard white plastic, flip up handle cooler @ 44 oz. A black soft sided 6 pack cooler @  7.5 oz, and the Escape Pod, a 3.4 oz Reflectix cooler. The Escape Pod  The Escape Pod is less than half the weight of the black cooler. The Escape Pod weighs less than 8% of the white plastic cooler.  All of the coolers were loaded with 4 frozen gatorades and an internal temperature probe that was connected to an external display. This means we could monitor the interior temps without opening the coolers. PERFECT!!

The video shows the time lapse of the displays. A full version of the whole test, from set up to opening the coolers and cracking the drinks will be available soon.

Escape Pod is available at Simple Outdoor Solutions.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rodent Prood Food Bag

Outsak is exactly that....a Rodent Proof Food Bag. The Outsak works exceptionally well at stopping the gnawing, sharp teeth of rodents, ringtails, squirrels, raccoons, marmots and other small animals.

Our Rodent Proof Food Bag (The Outsak) is currently the best-selling Rodent Proof Food Bag on the market. Our Outsak Spectrum Series Bag comes in 7 colors. We also sell the Outsak UL and Outsak UL Micro. These two bags are the lightest, toughest and have the highest volume in their class. The Outsak UL revolutionized the interlocking wire mesh bag market.

Spring backpacking is rapidly approaching. Be prepared when you enter the backcountry and protect your food and gear. Choose Outsak, Animal Resistant Food Storage Bags and your food will be

safe from rodents and other small critters. The Outsak Spectrum Series is available in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Brown and Purple. The video below is an overview of how to use the Outsak. It was shot several years ago, using an older model Outsak.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PopUp Wipes, Cloths and Towels

PopUp Wipes, Towels and Cloths are 100% All Natural towels that are compressed to reduce bulk. The towels are designed to expand when you add water.

Check out our PopUp Wipe Video Demo.

PopUp Wipes are convenient, lightweight, portable and easy to use. They are compostable, biodegradable and safe for all skin types.

I started carrying PopUp Wipes on backpacking trips a couple years ago. I like to cleanup before dinner each night. I open a clean, never before used PopUp Wipe to clean the salt and grime from my body after a long, dusty day on the trail. Not only does it feel good to clean up, it reduces the amount of dirt you introduce to the inside of your sleeping bag. They are also reusable. Today’s wipe could be tomorrow’s handkerchief. I carry 1 PopUp Wipe for each day of a backpacking trip.

Chaffing is a common backpacking problem. It can be debilitating if not treated. PopUp Wipes have been very helpful (for me) with preventing and treating chaffing. They are clean and are able to remove the salt/grit that is usually the cause of chaffing. The fibers of the towels do a great job of grabbing and removing the grit, stopping the chaffing, and starting the healing. Chaffing is not a reason to stop a trip. Treat it and move on

PopUp Towel Video:

Recently, I added 1 PopUp Towel(12”x22” 46.3g/1.6oz.), 1PopUp Jumbo Wipe(12”x18” 9.5g/.33oz.) and 2 PopUp Wipes(9”x10” 2.7g/.1oz.) to my First Aid Kit. The uses for these items are countless and they remain clean and dry until ready to use. I know some people may think this is excessive weight.  My first aid kit is usually never used, except for the occasional blister. A first aid kit should be packed while thinking about the accident you may come across in the wilderness.  I also carry an extra liter of water for the same reason. You never know what you may come upon while traveling wild areas. You may be the help someone is desperately needing.

PopUp Jumbo Wipe Video:

PopUp products come with me on all of my trips. I have a tube of PopUp Wipes in the glove box of my car. They come in handy with my 3 kids and 2 dogs. I have a couple PopUp Wipes in my daypack and a PopUp Utility Towel in my bike bag to help clean up after repairs. PopUp products are a Simple Outdoor Solution to many situations. Get them at

PopUp Utility Cloth Video:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Outsak UL History

Originally Posted January 20, 2010
Updated Outsak UL Specs @ bottom of page.

The first Outsak UL was sold February 7, 2010. The rest is history.

Outsak UL History

1st Prototype-September 2009

We started out with the idea of making a lighter weight version of our Outsak® Bag. We put a few together and sent them out to some Ultra-light Hikers. We got a positive response regarding the size, but it needed to be lighter. This bag was 4.5 oz, and offered approximately 425 cubic inches of storage. We searched for different materials and came up with a combination of mesh and webbing that we liked.

2nd Prototype-October 2009
We approached (the forum) and asked for field test volunteers. We received several volunteers who were willing to test the 2nd prototype of the Outsak® UL. The 2nd version was now a 4 oz bag, with the same capacity as the previous version (425 ci). We have received several positive responses from our group indicating successful testing, even some creative home testing intended to find the breaking point of the Outsak® UL.

The 2nd Prototype of the Outsak® UL has repelled raccoons, a variety of squirrels, all sorts of rodents, peacocks, blue jays, ringtails, skunks, deer, among others animals. At this point it was clear that we needed to keep the stainless steel mesh, it has proven to be strong enough to repel most common campsite pests. All subsequent prototypes have been equally successful at repelling pests.

3rd and 4th Prototype-November/December 2009
We took the suggestions from some of our field test group indicating that they would like to see the bag lighter, or have a greater capacity. We made it lighter and bigger. We put together 2 more versions and sent them out to a much smaller group. The original prototype was now down to 3.6 oz (from 4.5 oz) with a 425 ci capacity. The 4th prototype is a larger bag. It was about 4.5 oz, with a 640 ci capacity. Results from field testers were very positive for this bag (4th proto). Most were able to use this larger version for a 3-4 day trip quite easily. The smaller version has been successfully used for 2 day trips for 2 people. It is also the perfect size for a stash/food resupply/water cache bag.

How Many Days Food Can I Fit?
How much you can fit depends on the hiker. Some people simply eat more than others. Others tend to pack too heavy. Some like a lot of snacks, others like big dinners. Some people are really good at repackaging…others are not. We figure 100-150 ci per person/per day for food. Again, this depends entirely on the person, the nature of the trip, the season. These are some of the many considerations that are addressed when packing for a trip. The Outsak UL requires a bit of backpacking discipline and/or discretion when it comes to planning meals. Ultra-light hikers are usually quite disciplined.

Final Versions-February 2010
We will be offering 2 UL options, the Outsak® UL, and the Outsak® UL MICRO. We will also be offering a custom bag option that will apply to all of our Outsak® products. If you want the UL to be bigger, we’ll make it bigger. If the Outsak® UL MICRO isn’t small enough, we’ll make it smaller. This also applies to the 2010 Outsak® and the Original Outsak®.

2011 Outsak UL- April 2011
Outsak UL is improved upon when the 2011 Outsak UL is released. This is the current version of the UL. It weighs about 3.7 oz and offers 630 cubic inches of storage,. The Outsak UL Micro has also been upgraded. It now weighs about 2.8 ounces and has 425 cubic inches of storage. We trimmed the fat on this bag.

Update. December 7, 2011
Outsak UL and UL Micro continue to blaze the trail for Ultralight Food Storage. Outsak UL currently weighs 3.7 oz and 630 cubic inches of storage. The Outsak UL Micro weighs 2.8 oz @ 425 cubic inches.

Current Field Testing
A NEW version of Outsak UL is being field tested. It weighs 3.1 oz @ 630 cubic inches. The Outsak UL Micro is testing at 2.2 oz @ 425 cubic inches. Both versions have successfully protected its contents in ALL field testing scenarios we have put them through. It is time to do a public field test.